Anonymous asked:

Ellen Page presented herself in the public eye as a heterosexual woman, even going so far as to have a very public relationship with a man. If it is revealed that Harry is gay, how do you think people who believe him to be straight will respond?

illcrytilltheend answered:

Personally, I don’t think Ellen Page was at all shocking to anyone. I think she knew it wasn’t shocking. It was like when Ellen Degeneres came out….not shocking. 

The “gay” behavior that people point out in Harry I see in men constantly and these are totally hetero normal men. I do not see ANY behavior in him that leads me to believe he isn’t exactly what he says he is. AND, Harry lives by the rule to be totally himself and not care what other people think. And who Harry is a nutty loving weirdo who dresses how he wants, befriends who he wants etc and I do not for a second believe he’d draw a line at who he dates. That he would be so open about being himself but then lie about a very huge aspect of his life. So I personally do not ever see that happening.

Obviously if it did it would be a MASSIVE shock to a lot of people. As for me, I think my response would be “Well fuck me with a chain saw” because I would never see that coming. But I wouldn’t love him less or want anything but the best for him and for him to be happy. 

Again, I know Harry is aware that the Larry thing is majorly blown out and that his fans are hideous to each other over it and with the kind of heart he has, I do not see him letting his fans treat each other that way over a lie he’s telling. And if he saw that that lie was so strongly effecting his fans, he would have come out already. The ONLY reason I could see that he hasn’t come out is that, simply and obviously, he is not gay and people need to let that notion go.